About us

Charley Miller, CEO Unitonomy

When it comes to challenges around scaling your company, oh buddy, we get it. Struggling to keep that great culture you built with your tiny startup team as you add new employees? We’ve been there. Growing pains around making sure your remote team here and your other remote team there are all on the same page with your local team? We hear you. And doing all of this while you keep focus on actually building the product and business that are driving the growth? Yep, we feel your pain. That’s why we created Unitonomy.

Unitonomy was born in late spring of 2019, but the inspiration was generated long before that when founder Charley Miller was scaling his previous company, TouchCast, and faced all of those challenges that come with growth. The collaborations that worked with 10 people didn’t work for 20. And what seemingly worked for 20 people, many remote, no longer worked at 40 people. There had to be a better way to scale work culture besides more messages and more meetings and more messages to follow those meetings.

Eventually, Charley’s idea went from seed to sprout. Take proven methods for cultivating culture and turn those into simple workflows that generate meaningful conversation (and subsequently build unity) while fostering a high trust culture (which scales much better than top-down culture) by encouraging autonomy for every role. Unity + autonomy = Unitonomy.

The best part of this solution? It works for teams in the same office or in many separated offices. Unitonomy is the missing tool remote teams have long needed to develop their shared sense of belonging and accountability, plus expedite bonding with and understanding for one another.

The Unitonomy mission is to make every work culture a place where the people are fully engaged in their work. Afterall, the word culture comes from the Latin cultus, which means care. In essence, work culture is about everyone caring about the work sharing the commitment to solving hard problems. In other words, a great work culture is much more than foosball tables or happy hours.

Finally, our commitment to you is to provide the base system of defining and aligning your organization’s effort for free, forever. Seriously. And if it doesn’t help your org then we’ll give you your money back! ?

P.S. when you realize you cannot work without Unitonomy, we hope your commitment to us will be to tell your friends about Unitonomy!

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