Get a question, Commit an answer.

GetCommit helps your remote work team

communicate efficiently inside Slack.

Communicate well. Communicate Less.

Improve Remote Work Communication inside Slack or Teams

GetCommit augments your remote work communication efforts. Reduce messaging noise and meetings, improve the precision and quality of information transferred between colleagues and teams, and finally get some levers to improve your culture of collaboration.

Lead employees to happiness

Lead employees to happiness

Give your team what they want: less meetings and messages.

GetCommit makes internal communication efficient and reduces time spent communicating.

Scale without growing pains

Scale without growing pains

GetCommit’s system was built with growing companies and remote teams in mind.

Whether it’s alignment or bonding, GetCommit offers outcomes for your org to leverage.

Improve what matters

Improve what matters

No two organizations are the same.

GetCommit lets you customize the system to your org’s needs.

With GetCommit, communication is purposeful and efficient which means more time is spent doing work rather than explaining it.

Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security

We never read or store your conversations.
only captures the information provided directly.

We’re Making it Easy to Improve What Matters

GetCommit manages itself and runs inside the tools your people are already using like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email. Employees periodically get a question and commit an answer. Important information gets committed to the secure GetCommit dashboard where specific employees are informed.

Your Organization Picks the Outcomes to Improve


Organizations thrive when accountability is shared and mutual.


Individuals need to appreciate how their effort fits into the grand scheme.


Teams benefit when each person understands and expresses their identity in the context of their role.


People need trust to determine their effort. Organizations need to trust their people to scale their culture.


Remote teams need extra help when it comes to forming critical bonds around collaboration.


Trust builds once safety is established. Safety requires an environment of inclusion and good manners.


Alignment and knowledge transfer are the basis for remote work communication.


Smart ways to get help with delicate processes, like employee onboarding.


Get a question

Get a question

A team member gets a question from one of the processes.

Commit an answer

Commit an answer

The team member submits a response. Then gets rewarded for participation.

GetCommit does the rest

GetCommit does the rest

The answer gets transferred to the dashboard, while specific colleagues get informed.

Here’s an Example of an Organization Getting Aligned.

Example of an Organization

Nadya gets a question about her focus this week.

She answers and GetCommit asks to which objective does that focus map.

Nadya picks the objective.

Inside GetCommit, any colleague can see what Nadya is focused on and why.

Additionally, all company goals can be viewed to see how effort is being divided.

Once you’re cultivating your culture with GetCommit, you should think about measuring it too. Take a look at Unitonomy’s OrgVitals. Track how each person performs as a collaborator and understand what needs to improve in your org’s culture.

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