People Analytics for Remote Work

OrgVitals is a delightfully simple system to track collaborative performance, each employee’s experience, and the overall culture.

People Analytics Software

Measure what matters most

OrgVitals measures what matters most: how your people perform together. This means understanding each individual’s experience, their collaborative potential vs performance, and regularly capturing the sentiment of the work culture.

Forget measuring performance in the silo of the individual

Forget measuring performance in the silo of the individual

Performance is massively affected by collaboration so why don’t we measure it? OrgVitals provides the lens to understand potential and contribution through the lens of collaboration.

Understand employee experience across critical areas

Understand employee experience across critical areas

Employee engagement runs much deeper than a thumbs up or down. OrgVitals assesses areas like an individual’s connectedness, stress, and capacity.

Monitor your culture to see if it’s improving

Monitor your culture to see if it’s improving

OrgVitals captures data from 8 core inputs from every employee to score your culture across 6 matrixes. The days of gut feelings and anecdotes to gauge work culture are over.

With OrgVitals, you have a whole new set of KPIs. Now you can understand the most critical and exponential factor of your business: collaborative performance.

Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security

We never read or store your conversations.
only captures the information provided directly.

We’re Making it Easy to Monitor What Matters

OrgVitals manages itself and runs inside the tools your people are already using like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email. Employees periodically get a question and commit an answer. Data gets committed to the secure OrgVitals dashboard where leadership sees the people analytics and trends.

Features Section

Take a pulse unitonomy
Take a pulse

A team member gets a question from OrgVitals inside Slack, Teams, or email.

Leverage self and peer review

The team member makes an assessment. Then gets rewarded for participation.

OrgVitals does the rest

The data gets transferred to the dashboard for leadership to monitor.

Know Your Allstars

With OrgVitals, you’ll learn which people raise the performance of their team versus which people are holding their teams back.

transfer helpers

It’s proven that team performance is vaulted by great collaborators. We call these people transfer helpers — they’re good listeners and communicators, they’re willing to help others, and their a wealth of institutional knowledge.

 transfer inhibitors

On the flip side, there are transfer inhibitors — people who repeat the same question, can’t find information on their own, and present a distraction to their team. These people ruin productivity and pull team performance way down.

Once you’re measuring your culture with OrgVitals, you should think about cultivating it too. Take a look at Unitonomy’s GetCommit. GetCommit is a beautifully simple system for improving work culture through deliberate and meaningful communication.

Are you a culture consultant? OrgVitals is an end-to-end assessment solution for your clients. Learn more!