Let’s Work Together Better

It’s important a company stands for something. So here’s our flag in the ground:

Work culture is not foosball tables or happy hours. It’s about shared commitment in solving hard problems. We all have a role in cultivating culture through our words and actions in our collaborations.

Unitonomy is not inventing the wheel here: strategies to cultivate great work cultures that scale are well known. Unitonomy takes the best methods and turns them into workflows powered by our virtual colleague. Teams develop meaningful communication to shape effective collaboration.

Remote work is presenting new challenges when it comes to fostering connection. Our philosophy is embedded in our name: Unity + Autonomy = Unitonomy. If the people in an organization find unity through a sense of belonging, professional identity and mutual accountability then you will have highly engaged teams. If this same organization cultivates a high trust culture by empowering its people to autonomously make decisions then you will have a culture that scales.

The problems are universal:

  • The Culture Tax. Disengaged employees cost the U.S. alone about $500 BILLION each year in lost productivity, according to Gallup.
  • Growing Pains. As organizations grow in size, communication becomes a tricky business: too little and risk losing alignment; too much and nothing gets done between the mass of meetings and messages.
  • Remote Work. Cultivating culture and scaling become exponentially harder when the people are distributed.

The Unitonomy solution provides processes for organizations (big or small) anywhere (centralized or distributed) to generate profound engagement across roles. Our trick is to make communication fun and meaningful.

You need to try it to appreciate the Unitonomy difference. That’s why you should schedule a demo or simply try GetCommit and OrgVitals for free!

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